Dental Bridges Higham Ferrers, Ashby, Earls Barton and Leicester

Teeth can get so damaged or decayed that they can’t be saved. Having one or more missing teeth can cause a variety of issues. A missing tooth or teeth can lead to such problems as:

  • Bite and jaw joint difficulties as the teeth shift to fill the space
  • The “sunken face” look
  • Difficulty chewing comfortably
  • Feeling self-conscious about the appearance of missing teeth

Do You Need a Dental Bridge?

A fixed dental bridge is a safe, durable, and affordable solution to missing teeth.

When we place a bridge, a single device is attached to two teeth on each side of the space where a tooth is missing. An artificial tooth attached in the middle of the bridge fills in the gap. Sometimes the teeth on either side of the gap are prepared for crowns, and the bridge is cemented onto the prepared surface of the teeth, creating the appearance of a “new” tooth.
In some cases, we may use a resin-bonded bridge that attaches to the natural teeth on each side using metal brackets.

A dental bridge is often the best solution for restoring your smile. Let’s talk to discuss your options.